About Me

Since the day I got admission in medical college, I had always wanted to specialize in Psychiatry. How the human mind works, and how and why it goes wrong, interested me greatly. So I graduated MBBS with a good rank, fully expecting to go in Psychiatry. Meanwhile I had the occasion to visit a health facility where some treatment was being given to a lady with inadequate anesthesia. She was screaming and so were the care givers. It was a sensory impact that gave me nightmares for years to come and occasionally, it still does. It was also the turning point in my choice of specialty, when I decided to take up Obstetrics and Gynecology with a firm resolve to treat my women with respect and to empower them about the care they could take of themselves so they remain healthy and are able to take charge of their own health and lives. At the very least they can make an informed decisions.

In the days before social media became so powerful, I used to write a weekly column in a popular Hindi newspaper - NavBharat. Then their economic considerations overrode the social aspect and I had to stop. For the last twenty years I have done camps and awareness programs on positive health among various women groups in all parts of the state, while I kept updating myself in seminars, workshops and conferences.

This is the platform of the present times and thus this blog is started. It is to empower you, to help you act on your knowledge and maintain a good health for as long as possible.

Suggestions on topics are welcome. Any queries are welcome. Limitation of a blog is that treatment suggestions are not possible without actually examining the sufferer. So I hope to be excused from direct treatment advice.

Wish you a healthy and happy blogging.

Asha Jain