These days normally couples want to have only one or two kids, and considering the population of our country, this is a good thing. But every thing has two sides, and this limited number of children comes with its own riders. People are sexually active for years and then one fine day they decide they want a child. So far so good. But then comes the sense of urgency. Pregnancy should occur immediately, and then what was just a pleasurable activity becomes work. The psyche has changed.

If menstrual bleeding starts, as it will in 70% cases, panic sets in. Is something wrong? Fertility of any cycle is not more than 30% in young healthy couples. If age is above 30, then even less.

Now every month is a big test. As the date of menstruation comes near, adrenaline starts flowing. Stress, fear, and all the symptoms you have ever read about or heard about pregnancy start appearing till the flow starts again. Every month the severity of all this internal expectation and related stress just goes on multiplying, further lessening the chance of pregnancy.

But you were lucky. At the very first or second trial, you became overdue, missed your period and when you did the pregnancy test at home with a heart beating in your mouth, there, you see two lines, your test is positive.

Now start your visits to your Gynecologist. Side by side you have bought some books to guide you about pregnancy, downloaded an app or two, joined a few groups of Moms or soon to be Moms, and you are already carrying the load of all you have seen and heard in your home since childhood.

The muddle in your head is almost too much for you and you are confused.

The end result of all this is, you are more stressed than before, have a hundred thousand unspoken questions in your head, and you expect everyone to be very understanding of you and your mental state without saying a single word about it to anyone. You also expect your doctor to answer all your queries, spoken or not.

So, how do you keep a straight head on your shoulders all through pregnancy?

First you need to clarify a few things to yourself.

Though you have a lot of emotion and planning invested in your pregnancy, please remember, pregnancy is NOT a disease. It is a normal physiological condition and just needs some adjustments as a new life is taking shape inside you.

The baby is carrying only half your genes, the other half belongs to the father. As foreign protein is rejected by the body, the immunity of the mother is lowered by nature so that the baby is not rejected. This makes it easier for her to catch any infection going around, and not recover from it so fast. So, avoiding crowded places is common sense.

It is the mother cleaning the baby’s blood, so her kidneys, liver, heart and blood have more work to do, so she tires easily. You would need more water, about 300 more calories, more protein, more minerals, in fact everything that goes into the making of your own body, as the baby acts as a parasite and takes what ever it needs from the mother and it is the mother who suffers if she does not take care of herself, So clean, nutritious balanced meals are required, but you do not need to eat for two.

As the size of the baby increases, the mothers body makes space, the tummy protrudes, the back bends back and as all joints are loose, there are balance issues as well as aches and pains. Good footwear and a lot of pillows are helpful. So is a hot water bag.

All these pregnancy changes are triggered by the pregnancy hormone -- Progesterone, which is initially secreted due to HCG, the hormone secreted by the baby that gives you that desire to puke, and makes the smell of everything much stronger. But HCG goes away after about 14 weeks, when the desire to vomit goes away. Progesterone wants to make you sleep, but after a time you get used to it.

Then there is the question of mood swings. Some change in mood is normal, as you are being prepared for motherhood, but try not to make it an excuse to pent out all stored frustrations and anger. If you give way like this, you will be spoiling your temperament, and your terms with other you may be living with, which will ultimately make it difficult for you to give the love and care your baby deserves.

So, the way forward in keeping a straight head is to be happy and relaxed. Consult a good Gynac whom you can trust, follow instructions, take the medicines, tests, vaccines prescribed, on time, eat nutritious meals, walk, do light exercises and live as near normal as possible.

Be relaxed and vigilant at the same time so you may get help if you need it. Do this, and you will definitely keep a straight head all through your pregnancy.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below. I can be reached via Contact Me page

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