This blog is the second part of 2 post series on Vaginal Discharge. The previous post on Vaginal Discharge discusses the causes. If you have not read it, I recommend you to read it before this post to get a clearer picture.

Yellowish discharge from vagina has many causes and diagnostic tests are required to differentiate between all the causes. None of the tests are 100% foolproof. So, once you have decided to see a gynecologist, there are some things you should expect which are all part of the diagnostic armametrium.

  • After the lady lies in the squatting position, under a good light the exterior of the private parts is seen for any boils, rash, ulcer, growth or nodule, scratch marks, secretions and their type is visible.
  • The per speculum examination - Under good light a sterile speculum(an instrument to help the doctor look into the vagina) is inserted in the vagina and the vaginal walls and the cervix are examined.

Any discharge is taken and various tests are performed on it:

  • Wet mount under microscope
  • KOH whiff test
  • Culture and sensitivity test
  • Pap smear
  • HPV HC2 test for HPV load
  • Test for Tuberculosis

Once the cervix and vagina are examined, a provisional diagnosis is reached and appropriate treatment is given.

Treatment of Yellow Discharge

WHO recommends syndromic approach, that means a kind of combination therapy to cover bacteria, fungus and parasites till definitive reports arrive.

  • Infections are appropriately treated, usually both partners require treatment.
  • If the discharge is due to cervical precancer- Colposcopy and treatment as indicated is done.
  • If there are signs of any vulval, vaginal or cervical cancer-Biopsy would be taken before further treatment.
  • If the discharge is coming from inside the uterus-drainage of pyometra with its cytology and culture is required.
  • Discharge may also have to be sent for Tuberculosis testing if symptoms so indicate and if report is positive, treated.

Systemic diseases associated with discharge

Diabetes, HIV infection, Any cause of Immuno-compromise like organ transplant, steroid therapy for autoimmune diseases , pregnancy, are all associated with yellow discharge due to immuno compromise and secondary infection. For proper control of discharge these genaralised conditions need to be adequately managed. Unprotected sex and multiple sexual partners increases the risk, be careful.

So be prepared and lead a healthy life.

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