Causes of Vaginal Discharge

Most women, whether sexually active or not, have vaginal discharge at some time in their life, and before they go to a doctor, they google. In 2018, the second most searched topic on Women’s health in Google was Yellow discharge from vagina.

So here we have a look at …

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Gynaecological Oncology Panel Discussion AOGCG 2018 day 2


Panel Discussions: AOGCG 2018

Topic: Gynaecological Oncology


Dr. Sushil Kumar Giri Dr. Uma Singh


Dr. Rahul Mayekar Dr. Meena Naik Dr. Asha Jain Dr. Mou Roy Dr. Suman Mittal Dr. Prashant Naik Dr. Sushma Purohit Dr. Smriti Naik Dr. Ashutosh Krishna Dr. Paulomi Barma
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